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Gibberellic Acid 4+7(GA4+7) powder is a powerful Plant Growth Regulator that is used in agriculture and horticulture. It is used to promote plant growth and development in a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and cereals. Gibberellic acid A4+A7 is also used to promote flowering in plants. It does this by stimulating the production of Gibberellins, which are hormones that regulate the growth and development of plants. This powder is particularly effective in promoting the flowering of plants that require long periods of daylight, such as chrysanthemums and poinsettias.


AppearanceWhite PowderWhite Powde
Content of Gibberellic Acid GA4+GA7(%)≥90.090.4
Content of Gibberellic Acid A4(%)/68.7
Content of Gibberellic Acid A7(%)/21.6
Loss on Drying(%)≤3.00.9

What will plants benefit from Gibberellic acid 4 and7?

1.Gibberellic acid A4+A7 is used as a plant growth regulator to increase the growth and yield of crops. It is commonly used in fruit and vegetable production to enhance the size, quality, and yield of the crops.

2.The use of gibberellic acid A4+A7 can help to promote the growth of stems, leaves, and roots, leading to stronger and more robust plants. It makes higher yields and better quality of crops.

3.Gibberellic acid A4+A7 can also be used to promote the germination of seeds, helping to ensure a more uniform and reliable crop. This is particularly useful in crops such as rice, wheat, and barley, where uniform germination is essential for optimal growth and yield.

4.Gibberellic acid A4+A7 can be used to overcome certain environmental stresses that can inhibit plant growth, such as low temperatures or drought conditions. It can help to stimulate plant growth and increase the plant’s ability to withstand these stresses.5. Finally, gibberellic acid A4+A7 can be used to control the timing of flowering and fruiting in some crops. By applying the hormone at the appropriate time, growers can ensure that their crops flower and fruit at the desired time, leading to more consistent and predictable yields.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

We are manufacturer of Plant Growth Regulators, we are also trading amino acid, humic acid and seaweed extract.

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Delivery time is generally 7~15 days when receipt official order.

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We offer samples free of charge.

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Each batch of goods must be tested by HPLC before dispatch, pre-shipment inspection by SGS or PONY will be done to ensure product qualified

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