Gibberellic Acid 20% Tablet GA3

Gibberellic Acid 20% TB, commonly known as GA3 20% Tablet, is a powerful Plant Growth Regulator that can stimulate plant growth and development in a variety of ways. It can increase the size and weight of fruits and vegetables, improve the quality of crops, and increase crop yield. It is particularly useful for crops that are difficult to grow or have low yields, such as fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers. Gibberellic acid 20% TB is easy to apply, safe, and environmentally friendly, which makes it an ideal choice for farmers and gardeners who want to enhance the growth and yield of their crops.

Gibberellic Acid 20% tablet


AppearanceWhite or almost White TabletWhite Tablet
Content of Gibberellins Acid A3 %20.0±1.020.2
Tablet Weight  g/piece5.00±0.255.15
Loss on Drying %≤2.00.1
Product AttributesGibberellic Acid 20% Tablet GA3
Model No.: C061Brand: CYCLE
Place Of Origin: ChinaCAS No.:77-06-5
Other Names: GA3State: Tablet
Purity: 20%Application: Plant Growth Regulator, Agriculture
Classification: Plant Growth RegulatorAppearance: White Tablet
Packaging & Delivery
Selling Units: KilogramPackage Type: box/drum
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What will plants benefit from Gibberellic Acid?

1. Gibberellic Acid 20% Tablet GA3 is a plant growth regulator that is used to enhance the growth and development of crops. It is a synthetic version of the naturally occurring gibberellins, which are plant hormones that regulate various aspects of plant growth.

2. Gibberellic acid 20% TB is commonly used in agriculture to increase crop yield and quality by promoting cell elongation, cell division, and seed germination. It is particularly effective in promoting the growth of fruits and vegetables, as well as improving the quality of grains and cereals.

3. Gibberellic acid 20% TB is often applied as a foliar spray or as a soil drench to crops. It is absorbed by the plant and stimulates the production of enzymes that promote growth and development. It is important to follow the recommended application rates and timings to avoid overuse and potential damage to the plant.

4. Gibberellic acid 20% TB is also used to induce flowering and fruiting in crops that require specific environmental conditions for these processes to occur. For example, it can be used to promote the development of fruit in citrus trees or to induce flowering in ornamental plants.5. Gibberellic acid 20% TB is a safe and effective way to improve crop yields and quality, but it should be used in conjunction with good agricultural practices such as proper irrigation, fertilization, and pest management. It is also important to follow all safety precautions when handling and applying this product to avoid any potential health risks.


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We are manufacturer of Plant Growth Regulators, we are also trading amino acid, humic acid and seaweed extract.

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