Triacontanol 90% TECH Powder/1.5% Emulsifiable powder

Triacontanol is a Plant Growth Regulator that has been used in agriculture for many years. Triacontanol has been shown to have numerous benefits for plants, including increased growth, improved yield, and enhanced stress tolerance. One of the primary benefits of triacontanol is its ability to promote plant growth. Triacontanol has been shown to stimulate cell division and elongation, leading to increased plant growth. This can be especially beneficial for crops that have a short growing season or that are grown in areas with limited resources.Triacontanol is the best fertilizer for outdoor marijuanas and good Plant Growth Hormones.



Analysis Items StandardResults
Triacontanol90% Min (GC Method)91.4113%
Appearancewhite powderConforms
OdorNo odorConforms
Melting point85-87℃Conforms
Product Attributes
Model No.: C077Brand: CYCLE
Place Of Origin: ChinaStatus: Powder
CAS No.: 593-50-0Other Names: N-TRIACONTANOL
Purity: 90%TC ,1.5%EPApplication: Agriculture
Classification: Plant Growth RegulatorAppearance: White Crystal Powder
Storage: Dry Place
Packaging & Delivery
Selling Units: KilogramPackage Type: drum
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What will plants benefit from Triacontanol?

1. Plant growth promoter: Triacontanol is a natural plant growth promoter that enhances the growth and development of plants. It stimulates cell division and elongation, leading to increased plant height, root development, and overall biomass production.

2. Stress tolerance: Triacontanol can help plants to tolerate various environmental stresses such as drought, salinity, and extreme temperatures. It enhances the production of stress-related proteins and enzymes, which protect the plant from damage caused by stress factors.

3. Increased yield: Triacontanol has been shown to increase crop yield in various plants, including rice, wheat, maize, and soybean. It enhances the efficiency of photosynthesis, leading to increased biomass production and yield.

4. Pest and disease resistance: Triacontanol can help plants to resist pests and diseases by enhancing their natural defense mechanisms. It stimulates the production of phytochemicals that act as natural pesticides and fungicides, protecting the plant from damage caused by pests and diseases.

5. Quality improvement: Triacontanol can improve the quality of crops by enhancing their nutritional value and flavor. It increases the production of Vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds, leading to healthier and more nutritious crops. Additionally, it enhances the aroma and flavor of fruits and vegetables, making them more appealing to consumers.


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  • Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

We are manufacturer of Plant Growth Regulators, we are also trading amino acid, humic acid and seaweed extract.

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Delivery time is generally 7~15 days when receipt official order.

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We offer samples free of charge.

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Each batch of goods must be tested by HPLC before dispatch, pre-shipment inspection by SGS or PONY will be done to ensure product qualified

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