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Triacontanol 0.5% SC Suspension Concentrate

Triacontanol 0.5% SC Suspension Concentrate

Triacontanol is known for its potential benefits in plant growth and development. It has been shown to enhance[…]

Gibberellic Acid 20% Tablet GA3

Gibberellic Acid 20% TB, commonly known as GA3 20% Tablet, is a powerful Plant Growth Regulator that can stimulate plant[…]

Triacontanol 90% TECH Powder/1.5% Emulsifiable powder

Triacontanol is a Plant Growth Regulator that has been used in agriculture for many years. Triacontanol has been shown to[…]

Prohexadione Calcium 10% 15% 20%WDG

Prohexadione Calcium 10% WDG is a water soluble granule form, it is Plant Growth Regulator that is widely used in[…]

Plant Growth Regulator 1.9%6BAP+1.9%GA4+7

Benzylaminopurine (BAP) is commonly used in tissue culture to promote the growth of shoots and roots. Gibberellic Acid (GA4+7) is a[…]

Jasmonic Acid Prohydrojasmon 95% PDJ

Propyl Dihydrojasmonate (PDJ) also is named Prohydrojasmon, it is a synthetic Plant Growth Regulator,

Prohexadione Calcium 90% TECH

Prohexadione Calcium, also known as ProCa, is a Plant Growth Regulator used in agriculture to control the[…]

6-Benzylaminopurine 98% TECH Powder /6BAP

6-Benzylaminopurine (6-BAP) is a synthetic cytokinin Plant Growth Regulator that has been widely used in the agricultural[…]

Thidiazuron 95% TC Powder TDZ

hidiazuron (TDZ) is one of the synthetic Cytokinins, or Plant Hormone, used to promote cell division and tissue growth in