Prohexadione Calcium 10% 15% 20%WDG

Prohexadione Calcium 10% WDG is a water soluble granule form, it is Plant Growth Regulator that is widely used in agriculture. It is an effective tool for farmers to control the growth of crops and increase their yield. Prohexadione calcium 10% WDG is used to control the growth of fruit trees, such as apples and pears, as well as grapes and other crops. Prohexadione calcium 10% WDG works by inhibiting the production of gibberellin, which results in a more compact plant growth and increased fruit production. Apart from Prohexadione calcium 10% WDG, we also produce and supply 15% WDG and 20% WDG.

Prohexadione Calcium10 Wdg


PropertiesEarthy yellow GranularConforms
Mass Fraction10±0.5 %10.2%
Water≤2.0 %1.00%
Wetting Time≤90s31s
Product Attributes
Model No.: C071Brand: CYCLE
Place Of Origin: ChinaStatus: Granular
Classification: ORGANIC FERTILIZERType: Plant Growth Regulators
CAS No.: 127277-53-6Other Names: Prohexadione calcium
Release Type: QuickState: Granular
Purity: 10%,15%,20%Application: Agriculture
Appearance: Brown Granular
Packaging & Delivery
Selling Units: KilogramPackage Type: drum
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What will plants benefit from Prohexadione Calcium?

1. Prohexadione calcium 10% WDG is an effective plant growth regulator that can be used to control plant height and improve the overall quality of crops. It is particularly useful for controlling lodging in cereal crops such as wheat and barley, which can lead to yield losses and reduced quality.

2. Prohexadione calcium 10% WDG can help to increase the efficiency of fertilizer and water use in crops, as it promotes more efficient nutrient uptake and reduces water stress. This can lead to improved crop yields and reduced input costs for farmers.

3. Prohexadione calcium 10% WDG can also help to improve the quality of fruit and vegetable crops, by reducing the incidence of disorders such as cracking and splitting. This can lead to higher quality produce that is more marketable and has a longer shelf life.

4. Prohexadione calcium 10% WDG is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical Plant Growth Regulators. It has a low toxicity and is rapidly broken down in the environment, making it a sustainable option for farmers.

5. Prohexadione calcium 10% WDG can help to improve the sustainability of agricultural production by reducing the need for inputs such as pesticides and fertilizers. This can lead to more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, which are increasingly important in the face of climate change and other global challenges.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

We are manufacturer of Plant Growth Regulators, we are also trading amino acid, humic acid and seaweed extract.

  • How long is your delivery time?

Delivery time is generally 7~15 days when receipt official order.

  • Do you provide samples ? Is it free or extra ?

We offer samples free of charge.

  • How do you control the quality?

Each batch of goods must be tested by HPLC before dispatch, pre-shipment inspection by SGS or PONY will be done to ensure product qualified

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